What Practice Can Students Do to Win a Sociology Essay Competition?

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If you’re interested in winning a sociology essay competition, you should familiarise yourself with the guidelines and expectations. A sociology essay competition is a great way to boost your research skills, and there are several competitions to choose from. For example, the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology holds a contest for three-minute thesis presentations. In addition to this, the association also sponsors a client problem-solving competition. The winning team will receive a plaque to display at their school.

Nominations for the 2022 Sandra Barnes Anti-Racist Scholarship Award:

The deadline to submit a nomination is March 1, 2022. You can send your nomination electronically or send a hard copy to the committee. Your nominations should be as concise as possible, so include all necessary materials.


The award is given to an outstanding recent book in political sociology. Applicants must have published the book in 2020 or 2021. Nominations may come from the author, or another person can make them. You must submit a letter of nomination with a curriculum vitae and two representative scholarly publications. The author must be an ASA member and have earned a PhD within the last ten calendar years of the deadline. Nominations can be submitted electronically or by hard copy, but the author must offer them.


Nominations can be made by individuals who are BIPOC or identify as an ally of BIPOC. This award alternates between academic and nonacademic recipients. The 2022 award committee is seeking nominations from BIPOC students or professionals. The award committee will review all nominees’ collective contributions and select one or two leaders to receive this award.

Nominations for the Carla B. Howery Award for Developing Teacher-Scholars:

Members must make nominations for this award of the American Sociological Association. In addition to a current curriculum vitae and statement of teaching philosophy, a nominee should provide examples of teaching methods, assessment tools, and scholarly activities. Nominees should also submit two or four letters of recommendation from graduate students or colleagues.


Nominations can include teaching innovations such as experiential learning, service learning, and innovative use of course technology. The committee will assess the magnitude and significance of the invention. A single activity can receive up to 30 points. Criteria for assigning points include the time commitment and calibre of service, the actions’ prominence, and the department’s potential value.


To qualify, a student must attend a college or university with a sociology program. Applicants must also have attended at least one Lambda Alpha Epsilon regional meeting. Scholarship recipients receive funds to attend a national conference. Applications are due on March 15.

Guidelines for winning a sociology essay competition:

There are some basic guidelines you can follow to ensure that your essay is well received. The best way to win a sociology essay competition is to submit a quality article. In addition to offering an excellent piece, you should follow some basic guidelines, such as ensuring that the article was published within the past two years. One more resource for policies is taking help from a sociology essay writing service.


Ensure that your essay addresses a real issue that is relevant to sociology. The topic of your article must be based on sociologists’ research. You should also include a clear outline of the contributions of the scholar that you are nominating. You can also submit other supporting documents, such as letters of support. Be sure to submit your nomination packet to all award committee members by March 15, 2022.

Nominations for the Martin P. Levine Memorial Dissertation Fellowship:

Martin P. Levine was a passionate activist for human rights and was inspired by many causes, including British colonial policy and the need to end racial discrimination. His ideas were not new, but they were a polished version of his original ideas. His work was fueled by various causes, from irritation to irritation. He was especially interested in the role of foreign policy in alleviating human suffering.


The ASA Section on Sociology of Sexualities has established the Martin P. Levine Memorial Dissertation Fellowship to honour the late Levine. The award provides $3000 to a doctoral student at the end of their dissertation. The ASA Section on Sociology of Sexuality is looking for topics related to Levine’s research interests.


The award is presented to the most innovative and promising sociology dissertation. The award recognises a graduate student who has demonstrated excellence in their dissertation and research. A thesis must address a social issue that impacts the public.

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