Identifying and Avoiding Common Mistakes When Writing a Law Essay:

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A law essay should be written following the rules of academic writing. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The essay’s body should tie up the claims made in the article. The decision should not introduce any new ideas. It should be brief but give the reader something to think about.

Avoiding catty, snide or sarcastic language:

You should avoid using catty, snide or insensitive language when writing a law essay. The main reason is that it will make you seem childish and will not add anything to your argument.

Avoiding coordinating conjunctions:

Avoiding coordinating conjunctions in your law essay is one of the best ways to make your writing more concise. When you need to make two elements into a single one, use a semicolon. This is also a good way to make your text more reader-friendly. However, many students tend to avoid using semicolons, which are used to join two ideas.

When using a compound sentence, the semicolon should come after the first clause. The other rule for coordinating conjunctions is that commas should not be placed between two independent clauses. Instead, they should come after introductory subordinate clauses and words that precede the main clause. Many law essay writing services use compound sentence but most of services avoiding to use compound sentences.

Avoiding over-chronicling:

The most important thing to remember when writing a law essay is to ensure that the material you use comes from authoritative and relevant sources. By using primary sources, you will get more marks than if you use secondary sources. Authoritative sources include judges, lawyers, politicians, and experts in the field.

Lawyers often use dates, witnesses, and cases to begin paragraphs. However, if they don’t have anything to add to the topic, they shouldn’t include them in their writing. They should only mention dates if they’re vital to the topic. Instead, use the first person to make your point.

Avoiding conclusory language:

While writing a law essay, it is important to avoid using conclusory language. Such language will not persuade your reader. Instead, use specific facts and legal authorities to support your arguments. For example, you cannot simply say that the defendant was negligent in an accident, without providing reasons why.

A good law essay will develop a thesis and discuss it. It will also include other arguments that support it. It must also demonstrate that the thesis is true. The problem is that many law essays rely on conclusory language. Regardless of how much the author understands the issue, conclusory language may be the worst way to write an essay.

Students also tend to write in a casual, insufficiently academic way. As such, they should stay away from jargon and colloquialisms.